Master Chon

Master Chon began his martial arts training when he was 4 years old in South Korea. He attended an actual Taekwondo Elementary School, Taekwondo Middle School, Taekwondo High school, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Taekwondo and Physical Education, from Dankook University, South Korea.  He taught physical education, in the South Korean school system and Taekwondo, since 1995.

During his years at Dankook University, Master Chon was a research assistant to the highly acclaimed, Dr. Jung Chanmo, who’s unique ability to read and translate ancient Korean literature that pioneered extensive research into Korean martial arts history. Dr. Chanmo’s research and discoveries, have since been inaugurated into modern day Korean history books.

Master Chon’s highest academic achievement is a Master’s Degree in Special Education from The University of Central Florida.  He was a teacher in Florida and South Korea. It was through personal tragedy, that began his journey to utilize Taekwondo,  to help children with special needs.  He  believes, with structured Taekwondo teaching and patience, children with special needs are capable of achieving their IEP goals.

It has been his life long passion, to become a professional martial arts instructor.  His ongoing commitment and dedication is apparent in the integrity, obedience and development of his students. At present, his vision and passion for Taekwondo remains unchanged.

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Master’s degree in Education (University of Central Florida, 2013)

Bachelor’s degree in Physical Ecucation & Taekwondo (Dankook Univ, South Korea, 1999)

6th degree Taekwondo black belt (Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Federation)

6th degree Hapkido black belt (Hankook Hapkido)

5th degree Yudo (Hankook Yudo Association)

4th degree Kumdo (Korea Kumdo Association)

Korean Special Force Taekwondo training officer.

Korean National Athlete team conditioning trainer.

Taekwondo Black Belt examiner (up to 5th degree), Kukkiwon certified.

Certified Taekwondo insturtor, Kukkiwon.

Certified International Taekwondo instructor, Kukkiwon.

Certified Hapkido instructor, Hankook Hapkido.

1996 National Universiade Taekwondo -heavy weight champion- (Kukkiwon, Korea)

1995 Korea Taekwondo Association president cup -heavy weight champion- (Kukkiwon, Korea)

1995 Choong Chung state heavy weight champion

​ Tons of medals in Silver and Bronze in many different competition.