Authentic Korean Martial Arts Taekwondo / Hapkido / Kumdo / Yudo
After School Program
$85.00/week. Free Transportation!!! Homework Assistance, LEGO time, Movie and Computer Days.
Master Chon
Master instructor, Master Chon, has master’s degree in Education and all his staff have at least 4yrs college degree to Masters in Education.
Unique teaching style
We use a unique teaching style by focusing Taekwondo within the Korean culture. Combined they support students’ academic and behavioral performance.


Our philosophy is to maximize the potential of students of all ages through our unique martial arts training. Master Chon is very passionate and takes great pride in teaching authentic Korean style martial arts. Therefore unlike other martial arts school, all classes will be taught and/or supervised by Master Chon himself. Only 2nd degree or higher black belt students may be allowed to teach classes by direct supervision of Master Chon. In this manner, Master Chon can ensure that the art of Taekwondo remains preserved and genuine in form for present and future generations of students.